Unveiling the Deeper Motivations: Beyond Weight Loss and Financial Milestones in Health and Business

Desk with laptop, coffee, and notepad

Most people start their health and fitness journey with a weight loss goal. Some sort of goal weight achievement in mind. 

  • To lose 10 pounds.
  • Drop 25 lbs
  • Lose 100 pounds
  • To achieve a goal weight. Let’s use 150 for the sake of argument.

They always seem to end in 0 and 5, don’t they 🤷

I recently hired a business coach to help me improve my coaching practice.

I need the support and accountability to help me focus on the things that matter.

To stop chasing shining objects (the next best thing that will help me grow).

To remove the overwhelm around what I should be doing for results and what I should let go of.

One of the things he asked me was what are my financial goals for the business.

Most coaches in the space want to earn their first 1k/month working online.

Coaches already doing well want to make 10k/month.

Again, always ends in a 5 or 0…

Those who have achieved 10k may want to start hiring other coaches so that they can coach less, earn more, and help as many people as possible.

I replied with…

Tricked you. That’s my secret and none of your business you noisy little so-and-so 😆

My coach asked me why I wanted that.

I paused for a second and thought about it.

  • I want to buy a round a drink for my friends and never have to think about it.
  • I’d like to book trips on a whim without worry or to have to budget for it.
  • I never want to turn down an invite to an event (like a sports game, concert, etc..) because of money.
  • If my nephews want to come visit me on a random, Tuesday I want to pay for it.

As you think about your health heading into the new year ask yourself the same thing.

Why do you want it?

For most people, goals revolve around moving further away from pain and discomfort. And moving closer to pleasure and comfort.

Is it about the goal weight achievement? The 10, 20, 100 pounds you want to lose, or something else?

Connecting to your deep meaning is a very powerful motivating factor.

Find it and remind yourself of it every day.



The line of questioning also led me to something else I had never thought about and was surprised by.

A part of me wants to grow the business just to see if I can grow the business.

This led me to ask myself when will growth be enough. Will it ever be enough?

It’s ok if it’s not. Some of us are ambitious little pricks 😆.

I’ve written about chasing the horizon before. It was interesting to think that might be what I’m doing here.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash