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  • 2:40: Intro, my coaching background
  • 4:15: What the webinar is covering (too much exercise, enjoying exercise, too much information, take it back to fundamentals, get good at being boring)
  • 6:15: Where to start with your nutrition (5 key concepts – calorie balance, hunger and appetite cues, the importance of protein, veggies, and eating fewer processed foods and more Whole Foods)
  • 8:30: Approaching nutrition so it’s not so overwhelming (focusing on 1 or 2 things at a time)
  • 10:40: If you have a lot of processed foods at home, how to use them to fit into your diet
  • 12:45: Noticing and naming. A simple strategy if you’re a bored or stressed eater
  • 15:00: Creating balanced meals for yourself (what to eat, portion sizes, and how to eat)
  • 19:20: Should you go low carb? Misconceptions around a low carb diet
  • 21:45: Are you eating too few calories
  • 24:10: Are you training too much and what makes for a good workout (hint: It’s not sweat, calories burned, or soreness)
  • 26:50: Adjusting your nutrition while in quarantine (or if when you’re not as active)
  • 31:40: Looking beyond outcome-based goals (weight, body fat, girth) and focusing on behaviors as well.
  • 34:30: What’s reasonable weight loss progress? And why your “deep reason” is important for long-term success
  • 36:25: Navigating alcohol within your goals and getting comfortable with tradeoffs in life
  • 40:10: Big talk aways and why just being more aware is key
  • 41:40: Final important tips from me. The keys to long term health and weight and the 1% better mindset for beating all or nothing thinking
  • 44:10: Recognizing your wins with the jar of awesome
  • 45:15: Q&A’s
  • 46:25: Potatoes…. Talk to me
  • 47:20: Food timing and is it important?
  • 50:35: Meaningful movement will help you fall in love with exercise
  • 53:10: How to connect with me online
  • 55:00: Nutrient timing and eating before workouts

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I started my coaching practice because I noticed people were working hard in the gym but not getting the results that they hoped for or deserved. The reason was they were simply eating too much. I’ve created a 12-week program that simplifies nutrition so you know exactly what, when, and how to eat to lose fat and keep it off.

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