We all struggle with something (some insecurities for you)

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Some insecurities for you today and a nice reminder that we all struggle with something.
I’ve never really used social media to grow my business because I’m self-conscious about how it will be received. I’m worried posts will not perform well, not get enough likes, or come across as cringy.
Then there are the trolls you have to deal with.
I’ve been dabbling with YouTube shorts lately because it has the lowest amount of friction for me. A few videos I created have done pretty well for someone who has a small audience on YouTube
I shared this with my friend, Jill who runs an online Pilates business and has a massive social media following. She had this to say…
I can relate to all of that but I only faintly recall how awkward making my first few videos was because that was so long ago 😂
I also have a background in “performing” so even if it’s uncomfortable I’ve learned to block some of it and “perform”
Shit’s still weird now but I just remind myself my friends aren’t paying my bills so if they don’t like my content they can suck it.
Think about it, like someone who is brand new to nutrition… how would you tell them to get started so they could succeed?
Probably something like this …
  • start with small changes that aren’t overwhelming and you can repeat daily or weekly
  • you’ll probably suck at first, but it will get better over time and you can learn from your mistakes
  • keep doing the same boring shit until you feel pretty good with a habit and routine and then you can start making fancy shit
I know you know all of this, but I’m just here to give you the nudge and the support because I think you could fucking kill it on social if you stuck with it. One of my homey’s that I helped out with social tips is already up for like 26,000 followers
After reading, Jill’s message to me I did this…
She was right. This is the exact same thing I say to my nutrition coaching clients. If you’re overwhelmed choosing a small meaningful action you can do daily is key. Accepting that you’ll suck at first is important. The boring stuff over and over again is where it’s at for building consistent routines and results.
I’m sharing this with you today because we all struggle with something. Whether it’s weight loss, building muscle, working out consistently, eating better, stress management, or in my case using social media consistently enough to grow my business.
If you’re struggling and frustrated that’s ok. It’s normal. It means you want to make changes because you really do care.
So if you’re working on your health, fitness, or some area of your life on your own consider the advice in this email.
And if you need a little help I’m here for you.