What’s your story & The Limitless365 creed

limitless365 creed

The limitless creed was adapted from the 7 treasures by Michael Dewan-Herrick. 

I grew up in Herndon, Virginia. Just outside of Washington, DC. I woke up, literally and figuratively on August 1st 2001…. I think; it was so long ago now. I decided to leave.. I packed up my then green Geo Tracker and drove cross-country to Southern California. I was tired of complacency, safety, comfortability, and following the same routine and being surrounded by the same people day after day. Now no offense to the people in my life or my circumstances at the time. They are and will always be wonderful people who I am grateful for and love. This was a “ME PROBLEM.” I knew if I was to grow as a person and become the person I wanted to be I needed to shake things up in a big way. It was time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The problem is when I got there I kept doing what “I was supposed to be doing.” I grabbed the first job that would take me so that I could have safety and comfortability. Regardless of whether I liked it or had a love for the work I was doing. I enrolled in school because that is what I was suppose to do. After all, you’re suppose to get a degree, get the best grades that you can, so that hopefully you get a kush job that pays you just enough so that you can feel safe, secure, and allows you to buy as many things as you can that will provide short-term happiness. Cars, a house, gadgets and gizmo’s… you know, all that “important stuff.” I like to call it development over possessions over development of the self. I was wrapped up in collecting material things and experiences that were expected of me that I somehow forgot to develop and collect the things that mattered most. That being my personal belief system.

This led me to creating Limitless365. I believe that health is so much more than physical. It is a complete relationship that you have with yourself, others, and the world around you. It encompasses the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of all of us.

I refuse to accept mediocrity. How about you?

Who are you

I want to know. Who are you? Share the previous chapters of your story with me or someone else today. What do you plan to write on the pages of your book today, tomorrow, or a few years from now. How can I help?

What brought you here to limitless?

Live limitless,



About a year ago I started Limitless365. The video below was uploaded as a way for me to get comfortable with putting myself out there. What is something that has always scared you? Throw caution to the wind today and put yourself out there.