Why I talk about mental health, stress, and relationships as a nutrition coach

mental health hands

Hey, for a nutrition coach you sure do talk a lot about mental health, relationships, stress, and other things, umm, not really related to nutrition. Sup with that dude?

This is a question I get a lot. 

I do talk about those things. Because most people I work with don’t have as much of a fitness and nutrition problem as they do a “balancing everything life throws at them” problem.

Also, because you know what goes good with a break-up? Ice cream.

  • Do you know what feels good when you’re sad? Grilled cheese toasties and tomato soup.
  • Do you know what goes well with stress? Chocolate… like ALL the chocolate. 
  • And you know what goes well with a long exhausting day at work? Wine …. Bottles of wine.

There’s nothing wrong with using food to cope with stress and other uncomfortable feelings. Sometimes it’s the perfect fit. 

It only becomes a probably when it’s the ONLY way we cope with these things.

Today, if you have some time, reflect a bit. When do you use food or drinks to cope with challenging or uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, or circumstances? 

Can you identify any patterns? People, place, time of day, doing certain tasks? 

When is food or a drink helpful? When is it not so much?

The next time you think or feel these uncomfortable things coming up for you what are 3 simple action steps you can try instead?

  • Hot shower?
  • Step outside for sunlight and five deep breathes (barefoot in the grass as a bonus).
  • Feel-good tunes 

More importantly, acknowledge when you do these things and celebrate the win.


Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash